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We are Florida’s provider for condominium insurance throughout the state. Our agency is based in southeast Florida between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our services include condo insurance for owners as well as renter's insurance policies. Also our agency quotes home owners insurance, flood, umbrella, business and life and health.

When purchasing individual condo insurance please keep in mind condominiums master policy provides coverage for common areas such as Building exteriors, Hallways, Lobbies, Elevators, Common walls, posts, windows, outside railings, etc. It will not provide coverage towards unit owners or renter's personal items such as furniture, fixtures, appliances, and clothing. The main concern which many face is coverage for the interior construction of the apartment which is not part of the common areas. A condominium HO6 will provide a package of protection for the owner and will also include personal liability. This will protect the owner from lawsuits or damages which may be caused to the common areas or to the property of others.

Purchasing these individual policies protects owners from catastrophes such as fire, hurricane, wind, water damage and more.
Recently Florida has implemented new laws regarding condo insurance for 2009. More information can be located
on our articles page.

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